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STEM Articles for Educators

Teachers! Enter Our Battle of the Plans! (21-Feb-2013)
Today, AAUW celebrates the annual Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day, which is dedicated to showing girls how collaborative and creative engineering is and how engineers can change the world. In honor of this day, AAUW is hosting our first annual Battle of the Plans: Engineer a Lesson contest, which we hope will help girls discover the value of engineering and its importance to all career fields and interests.
The State of STEM and Jobs (27-Sep-2012)
A year ago, U.S.News & World Report launched a special project to examine the problem of why, at a time of high unemployment, there are so many jobs going unfilled. The answer: American workers lack the necessary skills for those jobs. We came to summarize this as the STEM problem and called our project “STEM Solutions.”
How to Make Science and Tech Jobs More Enticing to Undergrads (08-Feb-2012)
The number of U.S. undergraduate degrees being awarded in most STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering and math) has risen steadily in recent years{link to G Sci page}. Yet some American employers say they are having trouble finding candidates to fill STEM jobs. The mismatch is not occurring because of an actual shortage of graduates; the numbers of job openings and new degree holders align fairly closely. And the shortfall is not because more foreign-born students are returning home after earning U.S. degrees, as has been rumored lately.
Telegraph numeracy campaign: Why maths is essential to business (08-Feb-2012)
So much of a nation’s industry depends, in this hi-tech age, on expertise in the STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
Want your kid to be a scientist? Start in elementary school. (08-Feb-2012)
“What’s your major?” Ask a college freshman this question, and the answer may be physics or chemistry. Ask a sophomore or a junior, however, and you’re less likely to hear about plans to enter the “STEM” fields — science, technology, engineering and mathematics. America’s universities are not graduating nearly enough scientists, engineers and other skilled professionals to keep our country globally competitive in the decades ahead.
Obama Unveils STEM Ed. Plans at White House Science Fair (08-Feb-2012)
President Obama hosted the second White House science fair today, using the event both to highlight the work of talented youth and to roll out a series of plans from his administration—and from private partners—to give a boost to STEM education. One item on the president's agenda is an $80 million proposal for a new federal competition to support "effective STEM teacher preparation programs," according to a White House press release. 
White House Science Fair: Recognizing the Importance of Scientists, Engineers, and Inventors (08-Feb-2012)
Since the first days of the United States, our leaders have recognized the importance of science and especially engineering. Several among the founding fathers were inventors and scientists themselves. George Washington continually experimented with farm crops. Thomas Jefferson’s estate is replete with weather and time-keeping instruments. Benjamin Franklin made discoveries and developed inventions that are celebrated even today. Abraham Lincoln, nominally a lawyer, held a patent. It should come as no surprise that our Constitution calls for the legal protection of scientific inquiry and discovery.
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