Casino Tips That Will Help You Make Your Own Luck

Casino Tips That Will Help You Make Your Own Luck

Spend Less, Win More

Sure, in lopsided upsets, the sportsbook can make an incredible profit. However, that opens the casino up to a massive liability if the contest goes the other way. Instead, the sportsbook guarantees itself a profit by taking a small piece from each losing bet. That’s why the lines will often shift leading up to a contest. You can save yourself considerable money by shopping at several sportsbooks to look for the best lines.

More often than not, you may simply need to walk away from a game because the lines don’t work in your favor. The discipline to walk away is one of the most vital separators between losers and winners.

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Try Betting on the Banker

Casino games are painstakingly designed to ensure that the house always wins. The most obvious exception is blackjack, but that requires you to become a proficient card counter.

The player bet has a distinctive house edge by casino standards of 1.24%. However, in the game of baccarat, the banker bet is the superior choice at 1.0edge6%. The tie is attractive to some players because of the stellar 8 to 1 payout. Unfortunately, the tie bet has a house  of over 14%. Clearly, the banker bet is the player’s best option. Yet, it doesn’t come without its downside. The casino charges each winning banker bet a 5% commission. So, if you’re betting $100 per hand, each win will only net you $95.

Some casinos will lower the commission on the banker bet to lure in more customers. When you find such an offer, you should take full advantage of the casino’s gift.

Slow Your Roll

One of the best ways to stop the bleeding on the casino floor is by slowing down. Slow playing in the casino can be tricky. If you’re on the table games, you’ll be scorned by fellow players, dealers, and the pit boss. On some games, you’ll merely be passed over as you attempt to slow the game. In the poker room, you’ll be thrown off a table for trying to slow the game to a snail’s pace. In most areas of the casino, you’re going to have trouble slowing the game down. Fortunately, there are areas where you can slow things to a crawl without much if any, recourse.

Frankly, playing slot machines slowly is excruciating. You’ll likely have more fun playing Tic-Tac-Toe in the casino bar. Besides, the house edge on slot machines averages around 9% in Las Vegas casinos.

Video poker is an even better game to slow the pace. For starters, you’ll be mostly left alone playing video poker. Occasionally, the bartender will ask you if you need a drink, but they won’t be concerned with your pace of play. Secondly, some video poker games come with a house edge of below 1%. The caveat is that you must bet max credits on every hand to get those odds.

video poker

Try to slow your roll in the casino, and you’ll start getting lucky more often.

Roll Those Wins Over

Setting goals is among the most blatantly ignored casino strategies in existence. I’m not talking about the gamblers that head for the casino set on winning a giant jackpot or winning a million dollars.

Ditch the Slot Machines

Look, the slot machines aren’t doing you any favors in the casino. These games have a ridiculous house edge compared to the table games. Stay away from the slot machines. You can’t help but lose money hand over fist. Baccarat, blackjack, roulette, craps, and video poker will all provide you much more chances to walk away from the games a winner.

Don’t Pass a Golden Opportunity.

Craps are often intimidating to novice casino gambler. The table looks complicated, and everyone standing around the table seems to know exactly what they’re doing. There’s absolutely nothing for you to be afraid of regarding craps. The critical factor is sticking to two main bets. They also come with the lowest house edge. The pass line is betting with the shooter to make the point. This player-friendly bet has a house edge of only 1.41%. That comes in only slightly above the banker bet in baccarat and adds much more fun.

Most of the players around the table will be making pass-line bets and rooting for the shooter. It’s an incredible way to enjoy camaraderie with your fellow gamblers.


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