STEM as a verb. It is active. We don't just STEM in the classroom. We STEM anywhere and everywhere. We also STEM when we work and most definitely when we play.

There are various resources available to educators, schools, and centers of learning and discovery. Are you looking for a way to inspire and engage learners in STEM? Check out the resources that follow.

Also, take some time to explore opportunities in STEM externships. These adventures can give you hands-on experience you can use to build engaging lesson plans, awareness of unique careers, and a wealth of information and knowledge you can then share with your peers and students. Interested in exploring opportunities for externships in STEM fields? Check out our STEMshipping databank.

Looking for resources? Start here:

  • C-STEM Center: A platform for teaching STEM through computing and robotics for integrated learning.
  • Civil Air Patrol STEM Kits: A collection of 5 STEM kits designed to generate enthusiasm and awareness among cadets and K-12 learners, and heighten career awareness.
  • Learn how to code! And sign up for the Day of Code!
  • CPALMS: A collection of learning plans and useful tips.
  • Discovery Ed: Free resources for educators that complement existing classroom strategies and extend beyond the learning bell.
  • FBI Kids Pages: A guide to careers in the FBI, including forensic sciences, cryptology, toxicology, and all methods of case management, investigation, and discovery.
  • The Futures Channel: Produces and distributes multimedia content to enliven curricula, engage students and enhance the learning experience.
  • Curated grant opportunities touching on a variety of areas, including STEM.
  • Guidebook for Girls and Women in Computer Science: A wealth of information on computer science and related careers, with specialized resources for educators.
  • Inside Science: Lessons plans integrating physics and designed to engage.
  • International Technology and Engineering Educators Association: Professional organization for technology, innovation, design and engineering educators.
  • Khan Academy: Learn a wide range of skills and information through an engaging platform.
  • Learning Blade: Career awareness, skills and concept mastery, and STEM integrated across subjects and deployed through interactive gaming.
  • Make: Serves the growing community of Makers who "bring a DIY mindset to technology".
  • NASA: NASA's portal to education programs, internship and externship opportunities, and useful research.
  • NSTA: National Science Teachers Association's portal to free information for educators.
  • Science Friday: Resources and exciting kits and challenges for educators and STEM coaches, plus a link to The Science Club for additional competitions.
  • STEMConnector: A platform for information and news on STEM, ranging from public policy to the latest research. Sign up for daily or weekly newsletters to stay ahead of the curve.
  • STEM on the International Space Station: Exploration of the science, research, and discovery happening aboard the ISS.
  • US First: For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology. Explore a range of competitions based on age groups, including robotics, Legos, and tech leagues.

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