STEMflorida, Inc. is Florida's key non-profit organization organization for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).

Through the leadership of STEMflorida's President, Dr. Jimmie Davis (The MITRE Corporation), we lead STEM in our state and work to secure Florida's competitive economic and workforce advantages. We support Florida's capacity and enable its capability to cultivate and retain the STEM workforce and talent our companies, innovators, and economies need and desire.

Despite calls to action from leaders across the nation and the state, definitions of STEM Occupation and STEM Industry continue to be cited as literary terms without true and rigorous methodology, leaving true apples-to-apples measurement and gap analyses unattainable. This tempts STEM efforts toward arbitrary decisions when determining what STEM jobs or programs are, and what they are not. STEMflorida and its leaders consider this a crisis. Through the STEM Index Team, Florida is “STEMming” jobs and industry in context of career pathways, and target industry clusters or the infrastructure industries that enable broader community and economic development and ultimately impact positive change for learners.

STEMflorida also leads the collecting and publication of nearly 1,000 STEM-enabled opportunities across Florida’s school districts — externships, internships,  and apprenticeships (see the databank of STEM opportunities under the “Jobs and Industries” tab).

We are currently supporting the formation of Regional STEM Collaboratives (RSCs) across Florida’s eight economic development regions — ensuring, for the first time in our state, streamlined channels for sharing data, breaking news, best practices, and requests related to alignment across partners and to state-level strategy. The pilot RSCs who have engaged in the first round of this effort will be developing unique best practices models for regional collaboration around STEM, identifying key strategic priorities most important to their communities, and sharing internal updates with regional partners and STEM stakeholders from across economic development, talent and education, chambers of commerce, philanthropies, and industry

STEMflorida is also developing a bureau of leaders and experts to serve as Florida’s STEMvangelists — to be called on by Regional STEM Collaboratives (RSCs), communities, schools, organizations, and teams — to support the “STEMming” of priority efforts. If you or a colleague are interested in being considered for inclusion in the STEMvangelist Roster, please Contact Us today for more information.

If you are interested in a briefing or need help and guidance contacting or identifying programs or specific leaders from across Florida’s STEM movement, please contact us.

STEMflorida, Inc. incorporated as the state's key STEM non-profit leadership organization on June 24, 2011, answering a loudening call of STEM employers to ensure market-relevant, demand-driven leadership for Florida’s STEM movement. In Florida, a grassroots movement driven by leaders from Florida’s business community, economic and workforce development, and philanthropy launched an initiative originally funded as a strategic project of Workforce Florida through a $580,000 grant in 2009 jointly announced by Enterprise Florida. The announcement followed years of dialogue and due diligence with partners including the Florida Chamber of Commerce, Florida Council of 100, Florida Department of Education, and others. The goal of this collaborative initiative was to establish the right vehicle to ensure market-relevant STEM leadership for our state.