Philanthropy is a critical component of Florida's STEM ecosystem. 

At STEMflorida, we are dedicated to helping investors and philanthropists understand how to create strong social impact by investing in STEM. We work with partners throughout Florida's regions to provide you the latest on best practices from across Florida's communities, and projects and programs that are working. 

We also use research and data to gain a clear sense of the playing field in America's third largest state. We are currently inviting partners to support our upcoming 2016 STEM Index, research designed to help us understand where the STEM jobs are, how STEM industry is doing in Florida, and to provide recommendations for our leaders and policy-makers on how to better-align programs, training, and STEM education with opportunities in STEM-enabled industry and "STEM shipping": internships, externships, mentorships, leadership, and apprenticeships.

You can download the most recent version of the STEM Index here. To support our upcoming round of research and other programs, click the link below to donate.