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Modern industry demands a consistent supply of STEM workers today. Meanwhile, STEM job growth is expected to grow by 17% while non- STEM job growth paces behind at 10%. Since 2010, Florida has seen a 63% increase in labor demand for jobs requiring STEM proficiency.


Economic Development

Cultivating a pipeline of Floridians proficient in STEM fields is imperative for securing the jobs and promoting the structural economic development the state needs. It’s also important for Florida students and workers hoping to stay in Florida beyond graduation, and interested in entering the job market with skills and learning styles relevant to those required of today’s employers. 

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Education and Programs

STEM careers fuel the growth of innovative new and existing companies in Florida. Florida will demand a total of 385,010 STEM jobs by 2018, up from 322,560 in 2008. Of these jobs, 89% will require postsecondary training. Alarmingy, the top reason most students do not pursue STEM careers is awareness: they don’t see the variety and social impact of these careers. 

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